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every pastry has a biography, a story to tell.
ours is made from-scratch in new england.
experience the world through our baked goods
and support a woman-owned biz along the way.

meet sababka

get it? sababa + babka! 

please note that all our babka loaves will now come as sababkas - which means they will not be traditionally braided as pictured. instead, they will come as easy to share/devour pull apart loaves.

why? because we don't believe in end pieces. we want to make sure that each bite is just as delicious as the next. we also think it looks wayy more fun than a normal piece of loaf.

artisanal & small-batch bakery based in Boston, MA & Providence, RI. 

We can’t deny cuisines from around the world have merged and evolved over the past hundreds of years. To us, that’s what makes food interesting and delicious. For example, an Irish immigrant brings her beloved corned beef recipe to the US and shares it with her Jewish Lithuanian-born neighbor. The neighbor then uses that recipes to make Reuben sandwiches, which she serves at a family meal. Her kids, who love adding condiments to their food, add tomato ketchup – an American favorite – to their sandwich. But do we every talk about this beautiful exchange? Not really.

We believe the history of food is just as important as the food itself. All our pastries and flavor combos were developed in-house, but we took inspiration from all around the world to make it happen. Which is why we’ve personified our cookies and breads and given them a sort-of "made up" biography. We want our customers to get to know the world through taste and through its history.

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